It's the End - Posted Saturday, 12th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

With that...the CCSF 2015 is now officially over.

Truth be told, I was awfully pessimistic about the chances of this year having a CCSF. No one seemed to be talking about it. It took five months before I decided to take the matter into my own hands.

And despite having to delay the festival twice due to both my own laziness and a few technical issues...I'm happy with how it all came together. There were tough times, but in the end it proved to be a fun ride.

Chances are I'll never coordinate another CCSF, but in this short time I hope I managed to be an acceptable coordinator and made a CCSF that everyone enjoyed to some degree.

Of course, it wasn't just me. If it weren't for the lot of you, there wouldn't be a CCSF at all. In fact, I think everyone who helped out deserves a special mention....

Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2015 Credits

Coordinator: Grendel Man
Website Hosting: Don (Special Mention to Rascii)
Banner Artwork: Mea
Community Wolfling Run Hosting: KittyTikara

Contributors (in no particular order):
Cerulean Silver

And finally, thank YOU reader for being here. Even if you didn't submit anything, the fact that you're here means a lot.

With that, I'll end things off with the final submission. Here's a poem written by Shoy!

Rustling beneath the undergrowth,
Something faint but living stirs.
It seems unable to carry on,
Until the oddest thing occurs.

Born inside the subtle breeze,
A cheer, then laughter, calls.
The half-dead creature lifts its head,
And into the sunshine crawls.

And then it saunters, forging on;
Then it runs, it leaps, it sprints.
It slows down once it gets halfway,
But hasn't lost speed since.

The creature finds a carnival:
The place from which the laughter came.
Jaunty music loudly sung;
Some food, a prize, a game.

But when, at night, the party ceased,
The folk had one concern:
The next day a new face might come;
The old might not return.

But there is just one little thing,
The creature does realise.
Even if the people change,
The spirit never dies.

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