Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold - Posted Saturday, 12th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

From dungeons deep and caverns old comes the last of the full norn breeds from Arnout. Incidentally, if you read the Wood Norns' readme you might have heard of these guys already. I figured that this part of the festival would be a better place to release this breed, so the Wood Norns came first despite being submitted second.

Okay, I'm rambling now. Here's the breed!

Arnout writes:
"The Mountain Norns are hardy Creatures that originate from a frigid world. They have evolved to be very temperature-resistant and have a lot of stamina.
They're efficient hikers and have a fast recovery rate from wounds and injuries. Although they're usually solitary travellers and get bored rather quickly, they are not difficult to raise and will definitely get along well with your other Norns. Their favourite toys are gadgets; and if you can keep them occupied they will not run away to find these. Just like normal Norns, their diet consists of food, fruits and seeds. They just don't eat as much as your average Norns."

"The Mountain Norns feature sprites for four different life stages (baby, adolescent, adult and old) and occupy norn slot G."

Download Arnout's Mountain Norns!

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