More Crazy Floaters - Posted Friday, 11th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

Maybe it's a good thing the CCSF's due to end soon; I'm starting to have more and more trouble coming up with titles for these news posts.

But I think I better stop dwelling on the incoming end and just focus on getting all this stuff out. As it turns out, Laura and Trelly aren't the only ones who submitted something floaty...even if this pack of norns from NimhsLab don't float in quite the same manner.

NimhsLab writes:
"I have six norns here who show up with ettin heads in my game and use the aquanorn legs, leaving them floating around. they are successful at taking care of themselves and breeding in a fairly lush environment, and their ancestors passed an iq test several times. there are two males and four females, one of which is pregnant. I like them quite a bit, and hope everyone else does too."

Download NimhsLab's Floaty Norns!

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