Dark and Dusty - Posted Wednesday, 9th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

Deserts aren't typically known for being dark, but this genetic breed by Cerulean Silver manages to combine the two of them.

Cerulean Silver writes:
"A Dark Banshee and a Dustdevil walk into a bar... and the result isn't what you're expecting. Dark Devils inherited the intelligence, the love of the desert, and along the way some wires got crossed. They are neutral to other creatures, but still stand up for themselves.

Their genome is enitrely CFF, plus the recent changes to Glen & Glenda. All references to norns have been replaced with grendel and they see the ettin desert as their home in all relevant instincts. I've silenced the heart disease gene.

The appearance genes have been changed so that all pigments have a seperate gene for birth, adolescent male, and adolescent female. Baby grendels start off with a very similar coloring to a Dark Banshee and get subtly brighter. Males and females sport different hues in adulthood.

Of lesser importance is some "grendel" instincts, like picking up creature eggs and hitting gadgets. Plus positive stimulus for hitting gadgets.

All credit goes to Evolnemesis for the CFF genome, and Ghosthande for the Dustdevil breed whose sprites I adore."

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