You will GIVE me an EGG! - Posted Wednesday, 9th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

...Or ten. And you can fire those eggs out of a gun.

Okay, this reference is going nowhere. Let's just get to the next release; a weapon of mass reproduction submitted by ylukyun!

"A literal baby machine gun, inspired by old bibbles from savannahs1. This agent injects into the Meso in DS and the Norn Terrarium in C3. It will shoot out 10 eggs when activated. Hook it up to a pulse gun for unlimited egg production (not recommended) or some other gadget. It can also be activated by creatures, unless you use the physics adapter to make it invisible.

Note: This agent has not been thoroughly tested. It also hasn't been tested in DS without C3 installed. I don't even know if connecting agents work in DS without C3, so you might get errors in that scenario."

Download ylukyun's Baby Machine Gun!

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