Benefits for Wolfling Runners - Posted Tuesday, 8th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

This pair of agents comes from me. While they're both variants of an existing agent, I do think they might be of use if you're someone who likes running a lot of wolfling runs.

The All-Creature Autonamer is essentially what its says on the tin. It's a variant of the DS autonamer that names all creatures, not just norns. However, not only does it work in C3 standalone in addition to DS, it also doesn't use generation when deciding what to name a creature. This will give you a wide variety of names right from the first generation, whereas the original autonamer would have named all generation 1 creatures names starting with "A," and so on.

The Wolfling Nametagger is also an autonamer of sorts, but instead of naming a creature it gives creatures a tag that shows their generation. When used with Amaikokonut's Creature Name Tags, it lets you see the generations of creatures at a glance without needing the Creature History. Very useful if you'd like to know the progress your wolfling population's making!

Download the All-Creature Autonamer!
Download the Wolfling Nametagger!

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