Why the Past's in the Future - Posted Monday, 7th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

Wrapping up today's releases is a retraux C3/DS norn breed created by Shinjibuki!

Shinjibuki writes:
"Dark Pixie Norns are a modified version of Creatures 2 Pixie norns with dark, muted purple hair and new hairstyles for the females. What's most different is they're made into the Creatures 1 style. They also have fluffier tails than their brethren. An addition for any C12DS world, but are slightly taller than them and have tail sprites. Body data has been tweaked quite a bit to make interbreeding among other C12ds norns... Banana look good, though some others have lower necks. Still, hope you enjoy!!!

The genome is based off CFF Bruin norns but with new sprites. Thank you SO much to evolnemesis and all involved in that amazing project!

Goes in Norn Slot W."

Download Shinjibuki's Dark Pixie Norns!

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