Winter Wonderland Decoration - Posted Sunday, 6th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

The last submission of the day isn't actually a release. It's a special event hosted by c1anddsaddict!

Here's what it's all about:
"Do you like decorating metarooms? Do you have a large stash of seasonal agents that you never get around to using? This may be the event for you!

The Freedom Project metaroom is going to undergo a wintry makeover, and it's up to you to decorate it, room by room. You can use any currently available agents to customize as many rooms as you like, and then screenshot them and send them to ccsf(dot)2015(at)yahoo(dot)com.

The deadline for entries is December 12th. At the end of the contest, all of the entries that follow the rules will be added together to turn the Freedom Project into a veritable Winter Wonderland, perfect for a December wolfling run! Feel free to decorate multiple rooms within the Freedom Project, or even submit a whole house! The theme is Winter Wonderland, but feel free to get creative with that.

There is only one rule:

No unavailable or unpublished agents
There are some cool agents out there that might not be available for download at the moment, as well as really good agent-creators who could make awesome decorations to use in this event. Unfortunately, since the object is to put all these disparate rooms together in one world, I can't allow these sorts of agents to be used. Made the perfect agent for this? Don't despair! You can use your own creations, if you upload them or send them to me (I will not redistribute any agents sent to me without permission).


1. Include an agent list
Third party agents are allowed, but since there are so many out there to download, it'd be a great help if you would list any third-party agents you use. Even better would be including download links. That would make things much easier on me when it comes time to recreate the scene.

2. List any cheat codes you used
Feel free to use CAOS codes to place or recolor agents, but please include them; especially the ones for color. If you use a cheat to change the color of an agent and don't give me the values, I likely won't be able to duplicate it exactly.

3. Garden Box Only: List any values used to color agents and specify frames if necessary
Like in the above rule, having the color values used to tint a Garden Box agent will make it much easier for me to duplicate that color. As for the frames, I'll generally be able to recreate it roughly by sight. Should you, for example, want a railing that norns walk behind, you should specify it.

4. The Metaroom is going to house creatures
While you don't have to include food sources or toys in every single room, keep in mind that the creatures will need some. I will add those things for the run if I don't think there are enough, but I would prefer it if I didn't have to.

The green square in the middle shows what one room of the Freedom Project looks like. There are three ways I recommend using to bring up the green lines in-game:

1. Use the Amaikokonut's Magic Words Room Edits command "dmap" to toggle the lines
2. Use the Room Editor's button to toggle the lines
3. Use this CAOS code to turn the lines on: dmap 1
and this one to turn them off: dmap 0

If you'd like to participate, decorate at least one room of the Freedom Project, screenshot it, and send it to me, along with your username."

Hopefully this sounds like fun to at least some of you!

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