Interview with zareb - Posted Tuesday, 8th August 2006 by Liam

To continue with our Interviews, here is an interview with zareb, creator of rooms Aquatopia and Gardenia which were released last Creatures Community Spirit Festival!

Interview by Liam.

Hey zareb! Being by far one of the most prolific metaroom creators in the entire community, I feel I have to ask... whats your secret? How do you manage to get so many awesome rooms done?!

Hehe, well, I have to say I have no particular secret. I have perhaps a talent to work fast, and without following the generally advised rules. I'm used to working on my projects in a kind of disorder, because I apply my ideas as they come, without any plans. But generally, the result is good.

What is your favourite program for doing the backgrounds of rooms?

My favourite program... Well, if I want a room of very good quality, I use Rhino 3.0 (3d program used to do Aquatopia). But if I just want something of an acceptable level, or if I need to do something fast, I use Photoshop.

During last year's CCSF, you churned out two of your best rooms - Aquatopia, and Gardenia. What was the inspiration for these rooms? From what I remember, Aquatopia was made in about 2 weeks...? Scary.

The inspiration to do these rooms? Beat AC's quality. I failed, but I made a great improvement in my graphic skills. Aquatopia was made in 2 weeks, yeah... but 2 weeks with an average of 14-16 hours of work each day. At this rate you can make something good very fast. AT was special too - it was my very first 3d metaroom, and the rush I had for 3d at that moment was scary.

Hehe. Out of all your rooms, what is your favourite, and why?

Hum. This is a question I never asked myself... I think it is AT, because it's the only one that looks really good and has properly coded critters and plants. For AT I made coding, not hacking *grins*. Gardenia is cool too, but it was done with Bryce, and it takes away a big part of the prestige I take from it. The only thing I can be proud of in gardenia is the general idea, and perhaps the weather system, too, because if I have a good memory it was the first 3rd part room that had a weather system. (I may be wrong, though.)

How did you first come into the English community, and what were your initial thoughts about it?

Well... when I bought c3, I saw there was a website for creatures. It was the Cyberlife's one, and I used to visit it from time to time. After a long period of not playing creatures, I wanted to come back, and the site was not here. I googled the web for creatures, found a2k, then GW. My first thought was arg! Some people have bought creatures copyrights! Noooo!!! But after a while I saw it wasn't so bad. But I really stepped in the CC with my 2 feet when my personal competition with MC begun, this means after the release of *shudders* Aquamind */shudders*.

Do you think the community has changed since you originally joined?

Yup. The CC has changed very much, because most of good old members have gone, chased away by new spamming n00bs and their mental illnesses. Good new members have come but there is a tension we can feel when we stay longer on the forums-. *will my thread be spammed and abandoned?* is a recurrent question, people argue, etc etc

Yeah, I know what you mean- it can become very tiresome and annoying. You mentioned you felt a 'competition' with MC - can you expand on that?

Well... yes, I can. It's complicated. When I released Aquamind (*shudders*) MC made a teaser of AC. This put the level of average metaroom quality very high- what room could be remembered after AC was out? None. (That was my point of view at the time.)

So I decided to become better than a whole team myself. Slowly my level has improved to a level on which I think I can compete with the dead MC's work. Graphically, I mean, because in CAOS AS and Ed will always beat me. So I think the competition with MC is the seed that grew into my current talents.

I have to say, I certainly think you're on par graphically and programming-wise with Metacore. You've come a long way, and your rooms themselves have, in my opinion, greatly helped bring the bar up for metaroom quality. Yours are by far some of the best rooms I have played, to say in the least!

Thank you for these compliments!

Are there any interesting projects in development or coming up that you are a part of, or know of?

Well, part of... not part of, not really.. as for I work alone. But I know of some projects, yeah.

Any you'd care to share, or are they secret?

Weeell, I can tell you something 3,250,000 square pixels big will be released... perhaps you want a teaser?

Nice ... A teaser would be fantastic!

Humm... let me see, I think this will sharpen your appetite.

Awesomely, looks gorgeous... can't wait to see it in my own game, let me tell you that!

Thanks and... This is Photoshop's work

Wow! It looks 3d to me... well done . Now for some rapid fire questions... What is your favourite agent or COB, metaroom, and breed, and why?

Agent: Inseminator, enables me to make the crossings *I* want in DS.

Breed: Toxic Norns, because they're the only ones that could survive in my room.

Metaroom: AC. I have to tell this ... it's hard to accept... But even if it is the greatest concurrence I ever had in room making, MC has done very well on this piece of work.

Carrot or cheese? Carrot
C1 or C2 Albia? C2 Albia
Cute or fierce? Cute (depends on what we're talking, of course )
Metaroom or world? Metaroom

Thanks zareb!

No prob! And I wish you to have enough strength to finish the CCSF as good as you've started it

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