Interview with Addman - Posted Saturday, 5th August 2006 by Liam

An interview with one of the members of the Evil Council, the (in)famous Addman!

What drew you to Creatures, and how has playing Creatures influenced you?

When I first heard about it, I was interested in the AI behind the game more than anything. I wanted to see Creatures that could think and act on their own devices, yet still be within your computer. In terms of influence, I believe Creatures showed me there was more to games than robots, ninjas and sonic, and has also shown me that life isn't just is around us, it can also be elsewhere like in a computer.

What first brought you into the Creatures Community?

A mixture of things really. I used to run my own website with its' own forums (reviewing albums and things like that), but when that died, I went searching the internet for a new forum to let out some insanity over. I've been a long time Creatures player, and got the original one in 1996, but I hadn't played for years. One day, whilst searching through my old games, I came across Creatures 3.
I decided to see if there were any updates or new Norns available on the Internet (I never knew the Community existed at this point), so I typed Creatures into Google and found Gameware. This was late 2004.

Hehe, Google brought me into the community, too. What were your first thoughts on how the Creatures Community functioned, and do you think it has changed since?

I was immediately impressed with the amount of people who were still playing this ancient game, as I thought I was possibly the only person in existence who bought a copy. I was also drawn to the amount of people who shared a similar sense of humour, randomness, and that certain something that has made me shoot milk out of my nose on many occasion whilst reading their posts.
Although people come and go, and there is often talk of "the good old days", I don't think the community has drastically changed. Sure, some people have left who were unique, but new people emerge all the time, and are just starting their own story within the CC.

Too right. How would an aspiring ECer go about joining the EC?

Most important thing is, to let the insanity out in swathes, and never bottle it up (except to sell for profit, but we'll get onto that later). A good sense of humour is what got me into it, and the RolePlaying came afterwards, which is quite odd when joining an RP community. Just make sure to join in the fun, and if that fails, you can always snap a few pictures of Fort in his tutu and blackmail him.

Fort.. tutu.. *snaps self out of it* So what does the EC have planned for the future?

Now that would be telling . I'll give you a little clue though, August the 17th is going to be great this year, and you may hear somebody's talented vocal abilities.

We look forward to it. As long as we're interviewing you, can you please shed some light on the traditions of the EC?

Well we are full of in jokes, so to an outsider it may all seem a little confusing. Our grandest tradition is the comical slaughter of our prize drone, Cornelius. The poor guy has lost more lives than a resurrected zombie cat. We have our pet Battle Monkey's which we just fight with all the time, and of course, trying to steer clear of Slugfoot's cooking is almost becoming a contest of wits.

Hehe, my brother's cooking is also something to be avoided. Where do you think the community will go from here?

Well I hope the community will go from strength to strength. I'm proud to say I've met some of the greatest CAOS coders, spriters, and wackos the Internet has to offer. As long as there's a little hope for a new Creatures, they'll always be a community.

What is your favourite agent or cob, and why?

1) The Roamer agent because it spews purple gas at Norns and is well animated.

What is your favourite breed and why?

2) In C3 it would have to be the Bondi Norns, they share my philosophy on life, be lazy!

What is your favourite world or metaroom and why?

3) Aquatilis Caverna, extremely well made with tons of new critters

Carrot or cheese? Cheese
C1 or C2 Albia? C1
Cute or fierce? Fiercely Cute
Metaroom or world? Aquatilis again

Do you have any other comments that you'd like to make?

Yes, where are the cookies you offered me to do this interview? Oh and, stay in school I guess, or out of school if it's the summer holidays or you are too old.

Thankyou Addman. *gives virtual biscuits*

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