Metacore - Interview with Trix - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

The last Metacore related interview, this time with member of the ex-development group, Metacore.

How did you become involved in Metacore?
Knux told me he was working in a group who were going to do some big projects (for instance the Aquatilis Caverna) and asked me if I'd want to make a few breeds for them. I said sure since I was working on this aquatic breed anyway (for someone else, but that relationship had hit some bumps, mainly to do about me not working fast enough and him yelling - which made me want to do the project even less). We had more breeds planned, most of which I'd already been planned anyway. So I always sort of saw me as a freelancer who did side business for Metacore. Maybe if Metacore had lived longer and I'd made some Metacore-only breeds that would have changed.

Was there anything you really liked about Metacore?
The ideas. Aquatilis Caverna was beautiful from the start and I loved seeing it grow, seeing additions and generally getting the experience of a new room in an extended period of time. Very thrilling.

Was there anything you particularly disliked about Metacore?
The somewhat tense atmosphere on the forums in the end didn't help; although I was mostly uninvolved in those, I didn't like them.

Was there anything you wished you could have changed?
I doubt I could have changed things since I didn't know half of the people in the team well enough. I'm a bit embarrassed to say, but it takes time for me to know an online ID individually (as in who is this person, what does he do and where do I know him from).

Do you think letting the project die was the best way to go, or do you believe we could have solved the problem differently? If so, please elaborate.
Hmm, I'm sad that it died, there were still lots of things to go, but I doubt anyone would have been able to settle the differences at the state the arguments had progressed to.

Do you have any particular happy memories from when you were in Metacore?
Thinking up breed ideas. The Dragonfly Demon Ettins got their makeover in those days. Just brainstorming and having other people let lose their inspiration really speeds up and diversifies the process of breed making.

Which was your favourite Metacore project?
Aquatilis Caverna (duh).

What advice do you have for upcoming development groups?
Well, I've been in two groups so far and I think the biggest problem is wanting to be too big at first. Too many different people promising to do things never works out. It's better to start out with a few dedicated people, like having a really strong core group who will stay together without arguing and can do the odd jobs (or find people to do them for you). Of course, you might not get the big projects done that way...

As one of the people who worked on the original Mermaid Caves, do you think Aquatilis Caverna stayed true to the original idea?
Well I believe the Mermaid Caves were just meant to have room for your aquatic norns. If that was the goal than certainly you succeeded. There plenty of room, gorgeous backgrounds and interesting plant and animal-life. I say you went beyond what people expected from Mermaid Caves.

Do you think Metacore functioned well as a team?
At the start they sure did. At the end, with the tension and the arguments things still got done, so there certainly was talent there. Of course, if things had gone better the AC would have been done a lot sooner I bet.

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