Metacore - Interview with Nina - Posted Sunday, 27th August 2006 by Liam

An interview with Nina, one of the members of ex-development group Metacore!

Followup to the series of articles written on Metacore.

How did you become involved in Metacore?

Absolutely accidentally. When Blake contacted me I learned that there's a whole big project with many people working in it, in the middle of the creation process, and it all had something to do with my old stuff. If Blake hadn't contacted me I wouldn't have even know about AC, so I'm really grateful to him.

Was there anything you really liked about Metacore?

I liked the artist's work very much. I liked the design part and the new ideas made, but I'm really sorry that none of my own sketches had taken place in there.

Was there anything you particularly disliked about Metacore?

This may sound strange, but lots. Firstly I didn't like the whole idea of them doing something with my own baby and not letting me know about it. More to that, there was some talks about selling Aquatilis Caverna as an add-on after finishing it, and that's what I really didn't like. A whole my life in the CC I heard of "copyright laws" everywhere, I even had problems with them when I was too young. Then while I was once punished for just posting someone's work with their own copyright, there seemed to be nothing wrong in using and selling (!) my own things without even a note.
I was fully ashamed and lost my faith in what the Community had become.

Was there anything you wished you could have changed?

Yes, I really wished that I could have been there from the start, having fun working on AC and helping the others in all that I can do. I entered community in early 1999, and I was in some other developing groups who also were unable to finish their projects. Negative experience is experience too, while I'm not the strong leader, at least I am good at making whole new things and ideas, this is going to be my work in real life.

Do you think letting the project die was the best way to go, or do you believe we could have solved the problem differently? If so, please elaborate.

You see, I even don't know *why* exactly it died because I left the project before, but I can guess. Firstly I was not a person that the project leader wanted to be in the team, secondly I saw where the winds blow, and I saw the project leader's skill, so as I understand it the problem was in leadership again. While one leader was too selfish "to rule them all", the other was not so strong to argue with him, one was firing the other, and nothing good came of it.

Someone really needed to make their minds up to stop firing and to start working together, and if someone just can't work together – just kick him out. But after all they both were young. I'm a little bit older and used to handling people, but no-one invited me to, so hey - I thought "£et them do what they want, they won't finish it anyways" and went back to my real life issues.
And so it happened, AC is dead.

I'm not happy about it, no way, I'd rather like to see AC finished (I would even install Creatures 3 again just to play AC), but only if I would be invited to see what's going on. It may be selfish, but after all "the Star Wars£ daddy is looking after all projects based on his galaxy.
Don't want to miss the fun again.

Do you have any particular happy memories from when you were in Metacore?

I draw sketches for AC plants, it was fun and interesting. I haven't found any of them in beta version, but I still have the sketches and this good memory. I also have good memories about almost everyone in the project I met.

What advice do you have for upcoming development groups?

People always forget that while they're making things just for fun and for some game, still it's kind of work.

If you know that you'll be bored working on, don't start.

If you don't have clear idea of what you're doing, don't start.

If you can't lead the group, don't start either.
By "leading the group" I mean handling everyday issues and kicking people every time they want to slow down. This is kind of hard work too. By "clear idea" I mean exact plan of what you're going to do. If this is something like "hey, I think we can make new room, it would be sandy and there's also such a thingies here and there" then it's not a good idea, I can tell from my own experience. "The real" developers call it

So you will need a plan, you'll need devotion not to left it at the middle of working process, and you'll need a good leader who won't let you go just yet, and you'll need lots of patience and free time. That's basically it.

What originally inspired you to create the Mermaid Caves?

It was almost 5 years ago, I can't actually remember the process, but when I finished with my new underwater norns breed I thought there's not enough of space for them, so I started thinking what to do.

How did you feel about the Mermaid Caves being ‘revamped' into Aquatilis Caverna?

I was surprised that they re-made some of the old background ideas in 3d, this was just wonderful. I wasn't using any 3d program when I came up with Mermaid Caves idea, just Photoshop. I myself learned to use 3d only a little and a bit later, so I can tell you that AC's backgrounds just great.

From the perspective of someone who came a while after Metacore's conception, how did you feel about the group as a whole?

When I entered the project for a short time, I found that one of its founders would be really glad not to invite me at all, and really happy to get rid of me, while the other was a friend of mine. Well, I can understand him – what if I would start blabbing about my rights and spoil the things, but after I saw his Live Journal, learned his age and saw his photo I wasn't angry at him anymore. Just a growing selfish child suffering from hormones. And after all he was unable to handle the things, so I guess that was already enough for him.

Do you think Aquatilis Caverna stayed true to your original idea for the Mermaid Caves?

Practically, such a question should lead to answer "oh yes of course" but since I wasn't part of development group when it started, when it lived its "gold age" and when it died, I can't really say. It looked fine with 3d graphics but different in design, fauna/flora, new rooms, new ideas, etc. It's a new project, new team. I can't see why everyone brings Mermaid Caves up, the common thing between them is "underwater room" and some pieces of design.

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