KittyTikara's Creature Packs - Posted Monday, 7th December 2015 by Grendel_Man

KittyTikara released just enough packs of creatures to make it throughout the whole of the CCSF. As such, I released one daily in place of the Adoption Sampler event.

They're all for C3/DS.

Civet Crosses
"These norns are gen 14 and are random CFF splices. Most of them have weird gaits."

Deep Norn Crosses
"These guys are gen 9 and are produces of random splicing. They don't have any Deep Norn genes in them, but they are amphibious. They have a permanent limp and are a bit slap-happy."

Dragonfly Demon Ettin Crosses
"These weird Ettins were sliced from a CFE Demon Dragonfly Etin and various CFF genomes and are gen 14. There isn't and Yautja Norn in them, depsite the tails."

Draconian Crosses
"These guys are gen 18 and were spliced from some colorful Draconian Norns and random CFF Norns. They passed an IQ test, but they still might be a bit weird."

Fluff-tailed Grendels
"These guys are gen 8. They are from earlier this year and I've forgotten what they were spliced from. They were just to cute not to add to the adoption sampler."

Undine Reef Gliders
"These guys are gen 5 and were spliced from CFE Undine Norns and Reefgliders. Most of them can swim using the swimmer agent."

Undine Crosses
"These guys range from gen 5-14 and are CFE Undine Norn and Reefglider splices. There might be some other breeds in there though."

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