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Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition: Entrants - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

Cross-posted from Creaturetopia, Pirate-Rob writes:

I am going to hold a Wolfling Run competion for the CCSF 2011, on the 4th and 5th of November!

How it Works:

  1. Choose an official Norn breed.
  2. Choose its name and gender (default name is yours).
  3. I hatch the Norns in the Grendel Jungle.
  4. Every now and again I pump mushrooms into the room.
  5. The last Norn alive is the winner of competition #1!
  6. The Norn with the most descendants is the winner of competition #2 (according to head count)!

The Entrants:

Mell - Magma (SpaceShipRat)
Grape - ChiChi (Ylukyun)
Maggie - Civet (Ghosthande)
Canoe - Bruin (Gobbo)
CookieCream - Bruin (Spykkie)
Dusklight - Siamese (Jessica)
Molly - Hardman (Gumbo)
Kefka - Harlequin (Grendel_Man)
Orpheus - Hardman (Oblivion)
Aiko - Treehugger (Amaikokonut)
Ginger - Bondi (Tarlia)
Blitzen - Fallow (Malkin)
Knuckles - Hardman (C-Rex)
Mr. Z - Zebra (Veolfa)

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