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Arch's 3D Wallpaper: 'Time to Leave the Ship' - Posted Sunday, 6th November 2011 by Laura

This stunning 3D masterpiece shows Arch's first Norn, Tiggy, taking a look beyond the cold sterile halls of the ship, opening up into a lush green world...

Download: 1024x756 1280x720 1920x1080

Arch writes:

With Grandroids well under development, and Creatures 4 looking like it will still be based in a 2D world, I began wondering if our dear Norns would ever make it to the mythical Sphericus. As this year's CCSF is based around the 'new', I thought it only appropriate to dedicate an image to the idea of the Norns finally reaching their new home. The future of our beloved Creatures is uncertain (hasn't it always been?), but there is no doubt they will always have a place in our hearts, and now, a place to call their own.

As well as the wallpaper I have another special gift! A 3D model of the Norn, Tiggy, who happily posed in the wallpaper.

Download the Tiggy Norn 3D Model!

A real treat for any Creatures fan's Desktop! Are you interested to know what goes into creating a 3D wallpaper? Read Arch's article, Time to Leave the Ship': Anatomy of a 3D Image to learn more!

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