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Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition - Posted Friday, 4th November 2011 by Laura

Cross-posted from Creaturetopia, here are the events of Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition from start to finish. You can also meet the entrants!

Many Norns, one Grendel Jungle. Who will be victorious?

Kefka has started the competition by doing a trick for everyone!

Many deaths happened during the last half hour but there was a pregnancy!

R.I.P. Kefka, Blitzen, Aiko, Maggie, Mell, Mr. Z and Dusklight.

Ginger, Knuckles and Grape are the only ones alive! Except for their children.

Sadly Grape and Ginger then died, but Knuckles has won! He posed for this picture and immediately afterwards shot rockets into the air!

Many sacrifices, one survivor. Congratulations, C-Rex and Knuckles!

Update: Pirate-Rob has posted two videos of the Grendel Jungle Competition at Pirate-Rob's Geneship. If you're feeling brave enough, go on over and watch this treacherous footage!

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