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Back to Nature - Posted Tuesday, 8th November 2011 by Laura

Welcome to Day Eight! Today's offerings include some pretty mutating flowers or, if you prefer a more stable crop, there's the C1 No-Mutate Norns. A wooden Gaia also shows us that even the most complex mechanisms can be one with nature. It's time to get green-fingered!

Download Ghosthande's Dynamic Blooming Flowers!

Download Jessica's C1 No-Mutate Norns!

Meet sam999's Woodwork Gaia!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Amaikokonut has opened her CAOS Tool yet again, this time to bring us Magic Words: Hand-Teaching, a module which allows for teaching your Norns words as you need them to learn them. This means can still run about enjoying their childhood, but learn at a more natural pace! Follow the link for a useful tutorial, explaining how this works, at Amaikokonut's Naturing :: Nurturing blog.

  2. That's not all though, as Amaikokonut's also brought us the Crossbreeding Script for C3/DS! Now your creatures can interbreed, regardless of their species!

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