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Creatures is Magic - Posted Sunday, 6th November 2011 by Laura

I suppose you could say that Day Six is all about 'My Little... Hippychicken'? Hm. Today's magical releases are:

Download Laura's Applejack Agent!

Download Gumbo's Genetic Starter Pair: The Hippychickens!

View Arch's 'Time to Leave the Ship' 3D Wallpaper!

Don't forget, you can post comments on all of the releases so far, discuss everything CCSF 2011, and more in the CCSF 2011 Forum. I'm sure the creators would be interested to read your feedback!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Two more releases from the irrepressible Amaikokonut! The first is the Magic Words: Cloning Module with an accompanying demo! Its nifty 'clone' command will create a duplicate of the agent the hand is touching, provided it's a moveable agent. Secondly, she brings us the Magic Words Template, a clever tool which allows coders to create their own commands, or "Magic Words", to activate scripts.

  2. Jessica has uploaded the second video of her 'C3/DS Creatures World Concept' series. Watch and discover which female was lucky enough to become the alpha female in Remniova!

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