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Crikey, Ettin Pluvialis? - Posted Saturday, 5th November 2011 by Laura

So yeah, the moral of the story is: Never stick your head into an Ettin's mouth... Oh. *Ahem* Welcome to Day Five! We have a bit of an Ettin theme going on, which is great because Ettins can be a somewhat overlooked species:

Download Tercerois2cool's Wheatley Hand Replacement!

Download Malkin's TP2DS Pack!

Download Jessica's C2 Updated Canny Ettins!

View Ylukyun's 'Ettin' Fan Art!

Ylukyun's Species Guessing Game

Today, Ylukyun opens his guessing game for us all to enjoy! In the above picture, guess correctly which species belongs to which creature, from left to right (example: Norn, Norn, Grendel, Ettin), and win the fabulous prizes that Ylukyun will dish out! Visit this topic to learn more and take part! Entries close on November 10th.

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Amaikokonut has given us two more releases today! Firstly, the 'Magic Words Core', a useful agent which allows for speech-bubble activated scripts and, secondly, the 'Magic Words SERU', a module which mysteriously injects random eggs - this time via speech bubbles! Download and learn more about how these goodies work over at Naturing :: Nurturing!

  2. Pirate-Rob has posted two videos of yesterday's Grendel Jungle Competition at Pirate-Rob's Geneship. If you're feeling brave enough, go on over and watch this treacherous footage!

  3. Jessica's got behind the camera again and made another video: Watching the C3/DS World Come Alive, an interesting look into the gameplay of C3/DS and the concepts behind her own social experiment. Go watch and meet the Norns of Remniova!

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