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Q. When Is a Door Not a Door? - Posted Friday, 4th November 2011 by Laura

A. When it's a metaroom, of course. Welcome to Day Four!

Download Annex's Metaroom: The Hub V1!

Download Ylukyun's More Pack!

Download Malkin's Forest CFE Treehugger Norns!

View Mea's 'What Will You Become?' Sketch!

Welcome To the Jungle...

Pirate-Rob's Grendel Jungle Competition commences today, so scoot on over to Creaturetopia and follow this gripping Wolfling Run as it unfolds! Which Norn will outlast the others and have the most children, all while surviving within the treacherous environment of the Grendel Jungle? Only time will tell!

For those who don't have a Creaturetopia account, and therefore can't access the forums, I shall attempt to keep our Grendel Jungle Competition page up-to-date with the progress.

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