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A Scribbletastic Story - Posted Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 by Laura

Welcome to Day Two of the CCSF 2011! Today's releases consist of two stories; one that's scribbletastic and another, equally awesome tale.

Download The Scribble Room Alpha!

Read Jessica's 'The Tolthian Creature Tales Book One: A World Divided' Here!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Pirate-Rob has released an altered mushroom .cos file in preparation for his Grendel Jungle Competition later this week.

  2. Amaikokonut has released a couple of goodies! The first is a very useful catalogue tester, which will check to see if your Windows version of Creatures Exodus is installing catalogue files as it should, and the second is the quirkily-named Protective Tub. This is a strange and amusing autonamer, one which you've certainly seen if you watch Live Nornish Action.

Speaking of Live Nornish Action, it will be kept running with special previews of CCSF releases, so keep your eyes peeled!

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