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Jessica's Creatures 1 Tour: Part I and II - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

Having been inspired by Lusewing's wonderful Creatures 2 'Let's Play' videos, our very own Jessica has decided to delve in and create her own two-part series, giving us a warm and insightful tour of her beloved Creatures 1 Albia - and just in time for the CCSF!

Jessica writes:

It's basically a tour of the world, without any Norns or Grendels. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback! The content is a little less exciting without any creatures in the game, but I enjoyed the slow pace for once. The second part is pretty much all set to go: I'm just curious if videos would be enjoyed by the community. Any type of feedback is most welcome: Yes, I would like to know if my voice makes you go insane! Ha ha! If all goes well, I hope to make some more Creatures videos. Thanks for taking the time to go on a tour of Albia!

Have I ever been great at holding back content? Certainly not! The second part in the Creatures 1 tour has been uploaded! This has a few more tips in it, and also features a couple of random blunders on my part. It all just adds to the experience of being a commentator or narrator. I highly encourage anyone to make just one Creatures video and test out the waters. I can just imagine the possibilities when there are actual Norns and Grendels running about the world! Stay tuned for more videos in the upcoming weeks!

So, if you've enjoyed the tour and would like to see more videos about the Creatures series, please visit Discover Albia and leave Jessica some feedback! Also, be sure to check out and add your own videos to the Creatures YouTube Videos topic in the forums!

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