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What Rhymes with Biodome? - Posted Saturday, 12th November 2011 by Laura

Slome... Pome... Mome... Welcome to Day Twelve! Today we present you with a place to store all the CCSF goodies you've collected so far: The long-anticipated Biodome! We also have Marvolo323's poem, a piece that also echoes that sentiment of Community.

Download the Biodome!

Read Marvolo323's Poem: 'A Ditty on the Creatures Community'!

CCSF Competitions: Last Chance!

Just a reminder that today's your last chance to enter our three competitions: the Caption contest, Cutest Creature contest and the Norn Breed of the Future contest! All competitions close at midnight, so that we can begin looking over your fabulous entries and decide on our winners. We will announce them on November 14th! Good luck!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. Today Amaikokonut presents us with another great release, on her birthday, no less! Happy Birthday, Amaikokonut!
    Her Peaceful Death Script does two things: Firstly, it makes dead creatures invisible to other creatures so they can have the peace and respect they deserve. Secondly, it allows dead creatures to be picked up by the Hand, so you can carry the body to rest in a proper place if you so wish, or just move it out of the way of other creatures so you can actually target it with the Hoverdoc to find out what happened. Useful, eh?

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