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Of Multiplying Cheese and Modifications - Posted Friday, 11th November 2011 by Laura

Oh my, eleven days already? Welcome! Today we have cheese. Lots of cheese. And by the end of the day, we'll have even more cheese. We also have some very pretty fan art, a Norn made out of paper and some very interesting modifications for your Ark or Capillata.

Download ylukyun's Multiplying Cheese Agent!

Visit Nirax's Little Creatures Page!

Create with Marvin42's Papercraft Norn!

View Razgriz's 'Greetings to Everyone!' Fan Art!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. If you want to know what happens next in ArchDragon's 'Creatures 1: As Life Began' story, then wonder no more. Chapter two has been posted for your enjoyment!

  2. The winners of Ylukyun's Species Guessing Game are... *Drum roll* ... AquaShee and Jessica! Congratulations, you two! Ylukyun will be sending you your prizes shortly!

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