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New Releases, Hatched - Posted Wednesday, 9th November 2011 by Laura

Welcome to Day Nine! Today we have a few more releases eager to emerge from their shells and start their new life on your computers.

Download AquaShard's Remade C3/DS Egg Agents!

Download Jessica's C1 Discover Albia Norns!

Read NornBreeder's Poem: 'The Hatchling'!

Elsewhere in the CCSF:

  1. As a surprise, ArchDragon has shared with us the first entry of a story he started eight years ago but never finished, Creatures 1: As Life Began. He says it should still be darn entertaining to read, and hopes the Community will get a kick out of it!

  2. Amaikokonut has spoiled us once again with the Magic Words: Love and War module and another funky demo! With two simple commands, "love time" and "war time", you can now encourage your creatures to act accordingly. This should be interesting!

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