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Welcome to the CCSF 2011! - Posted Tuesday, 1st November 2011 by Laura

Well, it's actually here after months of excitement, hard work and planning...
WELCOME to the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2011!

We're all in for a treat, I can tell you; the long wait is over, and now's your chance to see the delights that have been waiting on my computer since July! I cannot wait to finally share them with you all. Everyone's worked so hard to make this year's festival great, and it shows, with over forty submissions to release! That must be some kind of a record, so thank you all very much!

This year's theme is all about new faces: New users, creators starting small and perhaps a new game to boot. Hopefully our wide range of submissions will reflect this sentiment well! In this exciting new era for the Creatures Community, with Creatures 4 on its way, let's welcome our new members and appreciate what wonderful things they have to contribute, whether they're big or small.

I hope you all enjoy these next couple of weeks as much as I've enjoyed organising them. So, without further ado, here are the FIRST RELEASES!

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