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Interview with Alien - Posted Friday, 4th August 2006 by Liam

An interview with a member from the German community, Alien!

Interview by Liam.

How did you become a member of the Creatures Community?

I got C3 as a present end of 1999. I had a hard time with the manual (which I think was awful!) and got pretty frustrated with my norns beaten to death by Grendels all the time and put away my CD. Until I had the brilliant idea to use the Internet at work (don't tell my boss! But I didn't have Internet connection at home at that time) to find some hints about how to play properly. First hit was „Mummy's Creatures" and I found every information I needed there. I could hardly wait to get home, to start the CD again and to play and...was hooked from that moment on! J The contact to the international Creatures Community came with the second wave of DS beta test and the DS forum that CL had installed.

What has it been like watching the CC grow and evolve over the past few years?

Pretty exciting. I considered me being a newbie for quite a long time, until to my surprise I found, that I was one of the 'oldies' already because the community grew and a lot of new people joined. I found some really dear friends and a lot of very nice people and connection all over the world. The community went through good and bad times and I think it's really great and speaks for the people that it's made of, who managed to keep it alive against all odds and predicted death.

What made you interested in developing for Creatures, and what sort of things do you create?

The first thing I got interested in was the genetics in Creatures. Being lab assistant in a genetics lab, it might have been inevitable.*hehehe * So I started tinkering with the genome. A lot later the wish arose to make my own C3 breed, the Alien Norns. I learned what my graphics program and I are capable of. J And then came the norn dolls. Someone asked me to ask when I visited CL what about norn dolls. They shook their heads. Too expensive. And Mark Ashton said, 'you would have to make your own'. That's what I later did. That's why probably almost half the German community has now a norn doll sitting at home on their bed / sofa/ window sill/ you name it.... And I have a whole shelf full of them. Norn dolls, Grendel and Ettin beanies. So that's basically what I do when I create new things for Creatures: genomes, new sprite files, and dolls!

Do you think the German and English communities differ in what they develop for the games?

Basically, no, I don't think there is much difference. People of both communities like to develop agents, cobs, breeds, rooms and worlds and everything that's handy for and in Creatures. The only difference maybe is that the German community still favours Creatures 2, whereas the English community focus more on Docking Station.

Do you ever think you'll lose interest in the games?

No. At least, not at the moment. It's always a 'fluctuating' interest, meaning some times I'm really addicted and can't get my hands off it, sometimes I don't even start the game for weeks. But I'm always coming back to it. There's too much I want to try out, to create, to play with, to run, to.... whatever!

Do you think Creatures has influenced where you want your career to go?

As my career was already more or less on it's definite way when I got Creatures, I think, there wasn't much of an influence in that sense. Maybe more the other way round. J Well, but maybe the things that came with it, like making web sites and use of graphics program, influenced my 'real life'.

What is your favourite breed, COB/agent and metaroom/world, and why? (for all three, that is!)

Favourite breed: hardest question, as there are so many I like.... Okay, Harlequin Norns for C3/DS. The first Harleqin Norn that ever warped out from a game at CL came to my world and had my name! It was a special present from Frimlin and I treasure that until today. I wasn't able to see the sprites though, I only could see the pictures he took in his game before sending me the norn.. For C2 my favorite breed is .... now that's a hard one....maybe the Spike Norns. I think they're really outstanding and I love their funny tails!

Favourite agent: Roamer (definitely my favourite!) I love how it automatically gets rid of those nasty bugs in my worlds and I don't have to care about it any longer! (I wish I would have a robot vacuum cleaner like that IRL! *gg *)

Favourite COB: I don't consider me being so skilled in playing C2, but the cob I really, really like is a present from Mummy that produces jelly babies („Gummibaerchen" in German) in all kinds of colours. No, of course, it has no connection whatsoever to my real life. I hate Gummibaerchen, of course! I will never touch a bag full of them, being placed near my monitor or keyboard. No, I won't touch it. I swear, it's easy for me to restrain myself. Even a opened bag is no temptation at all.....No! Don't you open that bag!...No! I said... don't .... argh! *starts to munch *

Favorite metaroom: Norngarden 2. It still surprises me with new things with all the flowers and little critters in there!

Quick Questions:
Cheese or carrots
? Cheese (since I'm Swiss...)
C1 or C2 Albia? C2, I never played with C1...
Cute or fierce? Cute ('soft hearted' as Masha once called me...)
Metaroom or world? Metaroom (I'm a Tomschek-Fan )

Thank you Alien!

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