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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat C3/DS Norn Breed Conversions from C2

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With the excellent new CFE versions of the C2 breeds available today, I went ahead and installed all of the breeds available at Mummy's Creatures. What a wonderful way to enjoy these breeds in C3/DS! My only issue is that the male Hebe/Desert and Emerald Norns seem to have incorrect body data files... Their sprites don't quite match up, and they can get pretty disjointed in some positions! I'm not sure if this happens in other life stages.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or know of a fix? Or did I somehow miss some of the body data files when installing everything?

The females look perfectly fine, as does the male Pixie Norn. Thanks for any help!

Wed 09/11/11 20:28 [quote]
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My usual one-stop shop for ATT issues, The Universe of Ettins! doesn't have an additional ATT pack for the C2 breeds, and SeeYou7.Net's breed list doesn't mention any fixes, either.

Perhaps try copying the female Hebe and Emerald ATT files, and renaming them to male?


If anyone has issues with their Ettin Mother laying Emerald Norn eggs, get the Grendel & Ettin Maker Update - it makes sure the grendel and ettin mother lay the right eggs.

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Thu 10/11/11 04:09 [quote]
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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat C3/DS Norn Breed Conversions from C2