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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat Ettin Mania!

Young villager
Posts: 14
What does everyone think about all the ettin stuff? I'm just about to start a world for the new cannies! (Ettin haters are allowed to voice their disdain here )

Sat 05/11/11 02:54 [quote]
Posts: 19
Ettins are awesome! All of the releases today are great. Your art is fantastic, Ylukyun: Pretty much captures everything an Ettin is in one shot!

Let me know if there are any issues with the Ettins: Again, I take no credit for the real work that went into the Canny genome, but I'm always to jump in and make minor changes!

One recommendation I have is to rename the original ettn.gen, make a copy of Engywook or Urgl's genome, and rename it ettn.gen. This way, any Ettins who naturally hatch in C2 will have the updated Canny Ettin genome and the ability to breed (with the COB installed).

Ettins can be frustrating, though... I remember how they ALWAYS stole my machinery in Creatures 3! And they seemed to be drawn to the volcano's radiation in Creatures 2, although I had a couple I enjoyed playing with. Their facial expressions are priceless!

Sat 05/11/11 04:32 [quote]
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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat Ettin Mania!