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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat Day 3 Releases: Fire, Metal and Fluff!

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Discuss Day 3's releases here: the Salamander Norns, Gaius Fix and Expanded Pack, Purple Mountain Norndoll and the 'Eat Hand' fanfiction!


Thu 03/11/11 16:37 [quote]
Young villager
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I love that purple mountain norn! He looks so real.

My Capillata Hub is now swarming with all sorts of metallic plants and animals, like a sort of futuristic forest. Love it too!

I haven't tried the Salamander norns yet though, I'll have to prepare a new world for them with plenty of critters to nibble on.

Sam999's fanfic is my least favourite submission so far, sadly. While the speculation on future technologies in gaming and its effect on the series is interesting, there are a few jarring flaws in there that turn what would have been a pretty good story into something I personally wouldn't housebreak an Ettin with. (You know, if it was printed in a magazine or something, just go with it)

The writing doesn't make sense, the 'narrator' is the one telling the story, but the person who gets called the narrator doesn't do any narrating at all. I think he was meant to be the protagonist instead. Also, a C12 Norn gets hatched in a C10 game? Inconsistencies like that look sloppy. Quite a few spelling errors too, it seems to have been spell-checked but not proofread.

The 'moral' also confuses me. What we learn from this story is that Creatures is a better game than Minecraft and therefore can also have creepypasta?
Calling Creatures a better game than Minecraft is like saying a warehouse is a better building than an apartment block. They're two entirely different things, one isn't better than the other.
And creepypasta? The story isn't creepy at all, it just leads up the the silly "eat hand" and similar things Norns tend to say, and it's funny to imagine that this would still happen in Creatures 10. Not really creepy, unless the story implies somewhere that getting your virtual hand bitten could be dangerous. But it doesn't. Not like frightful ramen at all.

But what really bothers me about the fanfic (and is the reason I picked it apart so viciously) is the low blow it delivers to Creatures 4, calling it a 'bad game' before it has even been released. Knowing the author and combined with the 'moral' of 'Creatures is better than Minecraft' it just makes the whole thing look like a fanboyfic rather than a fanfic. The spirit of the CCSF is embracing and accepting newcomers, and Creatures 4 is a newcomer too.

I realize everyone is free to have an opinion, but if this opinion is delivered in a way that doesn't respect the opinions of others or is based on negative assumptions and delivered as fact, I will have an opinion too.

Thu 03/11/11 17:11 [quote]
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I can actually see how it could have become creepypasta, if it had been presented a little differently--if you have a neural link in a game and can feel yourself petting a Norn, you can certainly feel yourself being eaten by it, too. One example of a situation in which more realism would not be a good thing.

It's shame it wasn't a bit clearer on that, because most people probably don't see what it's leading up to. Without more depth and description in the story itself it's really hard to see it as a fanfic in its own right, and not just a blurb accompanying a snide remark about C4.

'A' for effort, needed a bit more polishing to be truly creepy though.

Mon 07/11/11 10:39 [quote]
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CCSF 2011 Festival News and Chat Day 3 Releases: Fire, Metal and Fluff!