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Platinum Cupid's Halo - Posted Sunday, 13th November 2011 by Laura

Ghosthande's Cupid's Halo is exactly what it looks like: a halo that floats above your Norn's head and grants them immortality.

... Immortality, you say?

Why yes, that's right. So long as that halo floats above your creature's head, he or she will cease to age altogether. This version is the Limited Edition PLATINUM HALO. Not only is it prettier than the gold edition of the Cupid's Halo, it will allow you to have two halos in your world simultaneously if you also have the gold one installed!

Although the halo can always be applied to a different creature later, once it is removed its previous wearer will rapidly age until they have physically "caught up" to their natural age--even if this means old age or, heaven forbid, death.

But fear not; in the rare instance that the halo autokills, simply re-inject it (do not remove it first) and it will happily float back to its station above your creature's head, no harm done.

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