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Biodome Object Pack - Posted Monday, 14th November 2011 by Laura

As if we haven't had enough Biodome excitement for one CCSF, today Liam and friends bring us... some seed launchers?

Download the Biodome Object Pack!

Just kidding! The Biodome Object Pack is a collection of new, and some old, objects which you can make use of at your leisure to populate empty rooms such as the Biodome!

It's in Beta, and includes six new fish species, anemones and three varieties of flora. While it should in theory all work well, shoot Liam an email at liam.esler@gmail.com if you encounter any problems!

Special thanks to the many people who contributed to this pack, including Moe, Ghosthande, Amaikokonut, Soliloquy, AquaShee and Sent.

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