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Veridia - Posted Monday, 14th November 2011 by Laura

Now your creatures can leave the cold confines of the Capillata to roam in the rolling green countryside! Perfect for picnics of cheese and follicking amongst the flowers.

Download Veridia!

Soliloquy writes:

Veridia is a lush, plant-filled forest world, with miles and miles of walkways nestled in the trees. Populate the room with your own plants and animals and build an ecology (the Ecology Applet agent may be particularly of use here), let the Norns run wild, or just use all the wonderful agents released during this year's CCSF!

Thanks to Liam for coding and mapping the entire room! Also thanks to Moe for the use of his elevator script, Rain for beta testing the room, the CC Chat for encouraging me and critiquing my work, and Ghosthande for her generous help during the entire time Veridia was in development.

Please refer to the Readme for the complete project credits!

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