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The Biodome - Posted Saturday, 12th November 2011 by Laura

Of course, the Biodome isn't just a storage room, it's a wonderful place where any creature can make itself at home!

It is a large, extremely customisable metaroom with a number of unique features. Though the top half of the room is set and unchangeable, the bottom section of the room is very much mutable. Each cave below the surface has a number of different variations, suitable for a vast variety of different situations.

Download the Biodome!

Liam writes:

The Biodome is a project almost a decade old, and one of the longest-running projects in Creatures Community history.

It began as a much less ambitious project, headed by Ambershee, AJ/Nirax, Kule and a number of others, including BloodLuvinGirl and Liam. Over time the team decreased to Ambershee, Liam and Nirax, and was unfortunately never completed. Despite a number of attempts the original project didn't see the light of day, and went through a number of incarnations.

In 2006, the project was revived with the 'Biodome Community Bash' project, which took a new slant to the room; the original goal of the project was to create a mutable metaroom, and so Liam turned to the community to make this goal a reality.

Over the next five years, on and off, a number of people contributed to the project to make it what it is today. The metaroom we have today is the culmination of the work of many people, including several not mentioned. Thank you to everyone who has worked on the project, past and present, and we hope you enjoy the room!

Today's adoptions, Babs, Lilo, Barbro and Paul, taking in one of the Biodome's beautiful customised backdrops. They seem very well co-ordinated, I must say!

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