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Improved C2 Weasley Norns - Posted Thursday, 10th November 2011 by Laura

Special thanks to Jessica, and her Genetics Kit savvy, for helping me with this release!

Vatrena's new and improved Weasley Norns for C2 include a lot of different genes, including the obvious pigment changes! Each breed has a different set of genes that gives them certain advantages over the standard Norns.

Genetics Files:

Hebeo: 0KVG.gen | Hebea: 6IRA.gen | Emeraldo: 6BTB.gen | Emeralda: 4YTV.gen
Pixio: 1NCX.gen | Pixia: 9BIT.gen | Deserto: 7ITI.gen | Deserta: 7NCR.gen
Froggo: 8DSD.gen | Frogga: 9BLH.gen


  • exp files - Main Creatures 2 directory
  • gen files - Genetics folder

Hebe Norns (Hebeo and Hebea): These Norns retain antibodies much longer, and are also almost completely unaffected by anger and hotness. They are virtually unaffected by belladonna and glycotoxin. Glucose is more quickly converted into glycogen, and protein digestion produces more amino acids. The Hebe Weasley Norns are also quicker to recover from pregnancy, with progesterone remaining the system for a shorter span of time.

Emerald Norns (Emeraldo and Emeralda): This breed is similar to the Hebe enhancements, in that they retain antibodies much longer. Additionally, they are unaffected by alcohol, belladona, fever toxin, sleep toxin, and glycotoxin. The Emerald Weasley Norns can also be better at healing themselves, since prostaglandin remains in their systems longer than the average Norn.

Pixie Norns (Pixio and Pixia): These Norns have a number of enhancements. As with some of the other breeds, antibodies remain in their system longer and they are immune to belladona and glycotoxin.They receive more amino acids from protein digestion, generate more glucose from starch digestion, build muscle tissue faster, and convert glucose to glycogen at a higher rate. Females should also recover from pregnancies quicker, with progesterone remaining in the system for a shorter period of time. Finally, they feel coldness for a shorter period of time, but feel hotness for longer than most Norns.

Golden Desert Norns (Deserto and Deserta): They are immune to belladona, glycotoxin, heavy metals, and unknown toxins, while their antibodies remain in their systems all their lives with a very high half-life value. Golden Desert Weasley Norns recognize parent, child, and sibling pheramones for longer periods of time than other Norns, and they do no feel anger, nor hotness. Be careful, though: They are more vulnerable to feeling coldness. Finally, chemical induced dancing stays in their systems for a much longer period of time.

Frog Norns (Froggo and Frogga): These Norns are completely immune to both coldness and hotness. They are also able to rid their systems of belladona, glycotoxin, and heavy metals immediately after these chemicals enter their systems.

Download the Improved C2 Weasley Norns!

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