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C1 Discover Albia Norns - Posted Wednesday, 9th November 2011 by Laura

For avid followers of the soap opera that is Discover Albia, Jessica has a treat in store! She's exported some of the children from her aforementioned blog for you to adopt. If you've enjoyed reading about their parents' fun, games, trials and tribulations, then I'm sure you'll enjoy creating new chronicles for Aspen, Autumn, Forrest and Maple in your own Albia!

Jessica writes:

These are two second generation and two third generation Norns from my Discover Albia crew! Each .rar file includes a genome file (.gen), Creature file (.exp), picture file (.png), and genetic explanation (.docx).

Download the C1 Discover Albia Norns!

It was a little difficult letting these ones go, but I hope they will be interesting! Three of them have few mutations that make much difference, or actually have a positive effect. Aspen has an interesting mutation that might make her infertile: I've included her to try to raise some interest in C1 genetics. I hope they'll all be utilized in some way!

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