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Dynamic Blooming Flowers - Posted Tuesday, 8th November 2011 by Laura

Thanks to Ghosthande, you can now have fun growing your own experimental garden! The Dynamic Blooming Flower takes the concept of mutating agents from plants like the Bramboo and runs with it.

Download the Dynamic Blooming Flowers!

When you inject them into your game you will be given two items. The first is a seed packet which vends flower seeds in random colors. The pack also includes a sign which enables you to adjust the frequency at which mutations occur, or even turn them off completely if you decide you like your flowers the way they are.

Virtually everything about the flowers can mutate: leaf size, stem length, and flower color, size and shape. The seeds match the color of the flowers that will sprout from them, so you will be able to tell at a glance which "line" a seed belongs to and propagate your favorites. The seeds are also edible, providing a tasty source of fat and starch for your creatures!

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