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C2 Updated Canny Ettins - Posted Saturday, 5th November 2011 by Laura

I am happy to announce another release by the lovely Jessica; the updated Canny Ettins for C2, Engywook and Urgl!

Jessica writes:

Engywook (Male) and Urgl (Female) are C2 Ettins based off of the updated Akamai Canny Ettins. I updated one important gene so that these Ettins can naturally produce sex drive. The Breedable Ettin Pack must be used in order for Ettins to breed. Engywook and Urgl have not been taught any concepts, nor any vocabulary. Many Akamai Canny Ettins are fairly self-sufficient, but it is usually a good idea to teach them good habits at an early age.

Download the C2 Updated Canny Ettins!

My work basically involved going through the breeding genes and fixing an error that makes these Ettins unable to produce sex drive. In a nutshell, Species Pheromone had been replaced with Ettin Smell. I had planned on including some colorful Ettins, but I felt this was too similar to the original creator. I only take credit for fixing the one gene. The rest of the hard work was previously done! Have fun with these two!

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