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The Hub V1 - Posted Friday, 4th November 2011 by Laura

The second metaroom of the CCSF is here, courtesy of Annex! The Hub is a room filled with doors, which I'm sure will be very convenient for exploring new metarooms with your creatures.

Download The Hub V1 and Mobile Doors!

Annex writes:

I got frustrated with the effort of trying to fit door for new metarooms into the Norn Meso, so I made this. I did all the work on it myself, and think it looks pretty nifty and works pretty well. Also included is a Mobile Door that, when activated, links with a door in The Hub and applies all the needed CAOS to make them all work properly. It also sets up the correct link so that smells can pass through the doors.

Inject the room, then you can add the Mobile Doors. Put the doors wherever you want, although there are some issues if you open one up in the Creator room. The little red button activates and deactivates the doors.

Pictured: One of today's adoptions, Beatrice, having a good look around (Mario wandered away from the camera after spotting a piece of cheese)!

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