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Gaius Fix and Expanded Pack - Posted Thursday, 3rd November 2011 by Laura

The most ancient annals of Shee history tell of the mad scientist Sir Lormis, a deviant Shee whose passions for gadgetry and gengineering were unmatched in his time. Strange were the joinings of these fields under his watchful, calculating eyes, until the very end, when he mysteriously vanished. No one quite knows where, although there are peculiar stories relating to the small scroll-marked stones investigating parties found in and around his home, and the faint musty smell that lingered in the basement.

Download the Gaius Fix and Expanded Pack!

Now the lost experiments of Sir Lormis have been recovered, including Gaius, the ancient prototype of the later GAIA, and certain other quasimechanical organisms.

This pack contains some minor updates:

  • Files for female Geat voices are now included in the zip.
  • Holo-wings will now only breed in the presence of solar flowers. This will prevent them from breeding out of control and taking over the world.
  • Spigot plants now have a longer lifespan.

And some new stuff:

  • A reed-like plant called the Tumbleslink, which doubles as a toy and food source.
  • The Chyme Plant, another food source with colorful bell-like flowers. The flowers are actually fruit and are edible for a variety of Creatures.
  • Whirly, a mechanical hummingbird. Whirly is attracted to Chyme plants much as Holo-wings are attracted to Solar flowers.


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