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Scribble Room Alpha - Posted Wednesday, 2nd November 2011 by Laura

The Scribble Room is the result of The Community Scribble, a joint effort between many Creatures Community members. Plenty of people provided wonderful drawings and doodles which AquaShee then cut and pasted together, with both Photoshop and CAOS, to create this wonderful scribbly haven for your creatures!

Download the Scribble Room Alpha!

This is merely an alpha version, with less than half the intended content. Check out the topic on Creatures Caves to see how YOU can help with the next phase!

AquaShee writes:

I am extremely proud to present this alpha version for the CCSF 2011, I never expected so many submissions from such a variety of members and it has encouraged me greatly to continue working on this project, unlike all the other half-finished agents cluttering my Projects folder.

To everyone who sent me their scribbles: THANK YOU! Your names are in the Agent Help for the scenery. If I missed anyone, or got their name wrong, please, please, please let me know so I can give you proper credit. If you sent in a submission but can't see it, perhaps it'll be included in the next version. It's also possible I skipped your submission because the page wasn't scanned well enough to cut out the images or something and I forgot to get back to you. Again, drop me a line!

Pictured: Today's adoptions, Fan and Luna, enjoying the Scribble Room!

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