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Hydrogender power! - Posted Thursday, 4th November 2010 by Liam

Today we have releases from Grendel Man and ylukylun!

"The males look like female chichis and the females look like male chichis. The males can lay eggs if they somehow get impregnated, but they otherwise have normal genetics. Geat slot T."

Download the Transgender Norns here!

Next we have the Hydrolisks, by the inimitable Grendel Man!

The Hydrolisks began life as a brand-new genetic breed, but then I got stumped for ideas for them. Around that time, I remembered old genetic breed, the water predators, and how I thought their current version was a little under my present standard. As such, the hydrolisks became the third and hopefully final version of my Water Predators. They took three tries to get right, but I'm awfully pleased with the final result."

Download the Hydrolisks here!

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