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Extreme Albia - Nina - Posted Sunday, 20th August 2006 by Liam

An interview with Nina, one of the creators of 'Extreme Albia' - a project virtually none know about today, though it was one of the first major C3/DS metaroom projects and is still very interesting today!

A fascinating read!

What was the room called, and what were the ideas behind it?

It wasn't just "new room" yet, it was project to create a whole new world based on DS, a its name was "Extreme Albia".
The main idea was to show what happened in Albian world long after Shee left it behind and went to the Spaceship. The Desert becomes even more barren and sandy as it was, almost impossible to carry any lifeforms there, so Norns went down underground, searching for a shelter.

What inspired you to make this project?

Since it's not me started it, I can't say who and why made the idea. But I can see that it was heavily inspired by Frank Herbert's "Dune" and I used it too sometimes when planning the design.

If it were at all possible, would you like to pick this project up again?

If I would have free time, surely yes, but only if someone will take part in it too. I mean, coders and spriters, since I never learned "how to compile that damn c3 agents". The project's archives is still up and there's many concepts and files saved in there, I even have some pre-alpha gene files stored.

Could you give us a brief idea of how the project was started, who it involved, and what it was about?

When I entered project in 2002 the development team already shifted, and Emmel was in charge as a team leader, but there was others working with him, who I didn't met – so some of them I know only their Yahoo.Groups names and they started to work back in 2001. Admiral Albia (aka guildadoption), wamb0001, Lando, Lauren Baino, Jean (aka kingbird), Emmel, NornLover, Kathira, Quinn Bouma, Trix and myself – we all in different times were there.
It was planned to create at least 3 levels one above another with corridors and lifts connecting all of them together, also there was hidden rooms etc. and we planned to make it compatible with Docking Station worlds by adding special room which would connect them together just as DS connects with C3. Many new items, backgrounds, flora and fauna were to be made, and new norns of course. Room exteriors were planned from a hot desert to cold icy terrains and warm caves, so norns were meant to live everywhere with a very different genomes. Snovy or Cold norns, Freeman norns, some other unnamed ideas. Also we thought of making the world seasonal and day/night change being visible, you can see night background on the screenshot.

Actually, Mermaid Caves was also once planned to be part of this project, but I didn't manage to get in in the 3d.

Here's some concept pictures

Concept world maps:

Mermaid Caves room how it meant to be:

Kathira's norn sketches

Some background concepts pieces made by me:

Some freeware flora pieces that I re-textured and used:

And there's also half-ready background for one of the levels, made by me also:

"Live" screenshots:

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