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List of Addons

Pearl Mermaid Norn Pack - Posted Tuesday, 21st December 2010 by Liam

The Pearl Mermaid Norn Pack, by Spykkie & co, includes a number of new releases!

Much like the C2 Mermaid Norns, the Pearl Mermaid norns start out with legs as babies
and only grow a fish tail at adulthood. When they become old, however, their tail becomes different. The Pearl Mermaids take up Norn Slot S.

Created by the Shee, the Pearl Ocean metaroom is a perfect recreation of the
Pearl Mermaids' orginal habitat. This metaroom, when coupled with the Pearl Mermaids agents,
should hold everything your Pearl Mermaids need to be happy.

New agents include the pink and blue Stuffed Clams, the Coral Emitter (an agent that emits norn home smell), and the Pearl vendor.

Download the Pearl Mermaid Norn Pack here!

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