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List of Addons

Frog Norns (C2) - Posted Tuesday, 21st December 2010 by Liam

From the Creatures Wiki:

The Frog Norns come as part of Life Kit 2 for Creatures 2 and occupy the Norn slot L. They are injected into the world as frogs who live in the pool by the Dark Ocean. On being kissed by a Norn, however, the frog is transformed into a frog norn of the opposite sex. Frog norns are amphibious, but they cannot stray too far from their pool or they will die.

Frog Norns can also bring other Frog Norns into existence. Any child of two Frog Norns (a second generation Frog Norn) can move anywhere in Albia, without restriction, and will never revert to frog form.

This download includes new baby and child life stages for the Frog Norns by NornenMeister.

Download the Frog Norns v2 here!

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