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List of Addons

C2 Funpack - Posted Friday, 12th November 2010 by Liam

This is the C2 funpack by Vatrena, which includes:

"The Weasley Norns which are genetic breed very similar to Nova Subterra and Canny Norns. Weasley Norns for C2 just need the Golden Desert, Pixie, Desert and Emerald Norn sprites. They are a bit brighter than them and they sleep very, very good. There are some colored Norns - usually in pink or purple color and some with acid colors. Not all are Weasley Norns but most have at least some characteristics of them (Weasley Norns are Jack and Valentine). Most Norns are in mentioned colors because I'm beginner at pigmentation, because some of the Norns are created with Genetics Kit for C2.

In another part of the archive there are cobs I created; the Removers pack - removers for 50+ objects, and the Silly objects pack."

Download the C2 funpack!

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