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List of Addons

The Bone Cave - Posted Sunday, 7th November 2010 by Liam

A new cave system has been discovered deep below the surface of KT! The tar pits, known as the Bone Cave, are home to a few previously undiscovered life forms specially adapted to the subterranean tomb, and the caves show further hints of the planet's intelligent inhabitants, including ancient magic such as the Medicine Rattle and even a tool to help transform the surface into a more peaceful abode: the mystic plaque has the ability to convert the dangerous Rexes into harmless vegetarians and dispel the evil Banshee magic that lingers in the Temple of Banubey.

Naturally, the Bone Cave expansion patch agent must be injected into a world in which KT is already present. The very first thing you must do is select the file marked "KT Xpansion: BC" on the DS injection screen and click the orange "X" button to the lower left of the screen, which will run the agent's removal script. This will clean up all the old scripts from KT that will be replaced. The text on the injection screen will then read "Agent Removed". Now you may inject the agent into your world.

Download the original KT here!

Download The Bone Cave Expansion here!

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