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Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2010

Final Releases, Finally! - Posted Tuesday, 21st December 2010 by Liam

Today we have 2 entirely new releases, and four re-releases!

First up is the highly awaited Pearl Mermaid Norns, which come with their own beautiful metaroom and a number of agents to help any intrepid norn-carer look after their new norns! Check out the Pearl Mermaid Norn Pack.

Secondly, the not-so-long-awaited release of Aquatilis Caverna 2! Although it doesn't have all of the things the original team planned, it is fairly complete. Check it out here.

Finally, we have four re-releases by the prolific NornenMeister! Click the links to check out each individually.

Check out the Calypso Norns!

Check out the Frog Norns v2!

Check out the Red Tail Norns!

Check out the Sweet World!

A gallery of all of the pictures sent in will be available soon, so hang tight!

Edit: And a last-minute release from the lovely malkin, the Albian Apples beta! Go check it out!

And a bit of a blast from the past--malkin reminded me that Nish sent in a number of C1 toys way back in '06 that never made release, so here we are!

Check out Nish's C1 toys here!

How to Make a Norndoll - Posted Sunday, 14th December 2010 by Don

Here's something to keep you occupied while you wait for the conclusion of the festival.

Have you ever wanted a Norndoll but didn't manage to spot those Limited Edition Creatures games when they first hit the shops? Well here is your chance to make your own Norn!

You can see the full How To article here

..and, if you do make a Norn, then please send us your photos to post

Sorry guys - Posted Sunday, 14th November 2010 by Liam

Hey guys, due to a family emergency I'll have to postpone the last two days of the festival. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please think of this as a one week extension for those of you who wanted to send in something to share with the festival. We have seen some amazing artwork and some fun photos already, but please keep them coming and we will look forward to posting your tributes in a few days.


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