So you've heard great things about CFE's. They're smarter, they learn better, they do fewer stupid things, and they're all around a better Creatures. Maybe you've been hesitant to mess around in the Genetics Folder or you've tried installing and gotten stuck. This is the guide for you!

Read all the updates CFE's offer here:

Getting your CFE's

Chances are you already know where to download your CFE genome updates, but for those who missed the links go here:

You'll see a big list of downloads. Which one to choose, you ask?

If you want to REPLACE your existing genomes (you'll get only CFE eggs from Muco for the breeds you update) download the GENOME PACK. (Requires mucking around in the game folders and replacing certain files, see Installing the Genome Pack.)

If you want to be able to have CFE's, CFEm's and/or Standards available from Muco at the same time, download the EGG PACK or individual CFE EGGS. The Egg Pack contains *all* the listed breeds (in separate files, just easier to download). If you only want certain breeds, you can pick and choose individually from the list of downloads.

This is the easiest install to do, just copy the files over to the right folder.

What's the difference between CFE and CFEm and Standard?

Standard are the regular genetics that come with Creatures games / Mall Breeds.

CFE are Vamp's improved genetics PLUS the following traits:

CFEm (mutable) are Vamp's improved genetics but without the extra features above - they have the standard chances to get Pose Mutations and limps, and CAN become Immortal, etc.

Installing Egg Packs

Unzip your file if it's not already, and locate your My Agents Folder


Windows: C:\\Program Files\Creatures 3\My Agents

Macs: Macintosh HD/Applications/Creatures 3*/Contents/MacOS/data/My Agents

*Creatures 3 is an Application bundle, you have to Right Click and choose "Show Package Contents" to access the files inside.


Windows: C:\\Program Files\Docking Station\My Agents

Macs: Macintosh HD/Applications/Docking Station*/Contents/MacOS/data/My Agents     

*Docking Station is an Application bundle, you have to Right Click and choose "Show Package Contents" to access the files inside.

Move any CFE egg agents you wish to use into the My Agents folder. They should now be available the next time you scroll through Muco's list!


Do NOT remove any of the existing egg agent files (for example FallowNornEggs.agents) from your My Agents Folder. Not only is this not necessary, it will negatively impact your game, autokilling the egglayer and possibly not even preventing the game from launching. You've been warned! Don't pull out those files!

If you have never created an egg of a breed you're installing a CFE/CFEm genome for, make sure you lay an egg with Muco of the Standard genome in order to install the necessary sprites.

Example: You have the Fallow Norn agent from GW, but you've never had Muco lay a Fallow Norn egg - if you hatch a CFE Fallow it will not have the correct sprites since the sprites are not included with the CFE genomes. To fix, lay a Standard genome egg with Muco to get the missing sprites.

Replacing Standard Genomes with CFEs

Since this involves some fiddling around directly with program files, replacing the genomes with CFE's is only recommended for people comfortable working inside Creatures applications. For a less demanding installation go back up and use the Installing Egg Packs section.

Fixing the C3 Breeds

Find your copy of C3, and find the "My Agents" Folder inside.

Create a new folder with a name like "Disabled Agents" and put "expressiveeggs.agents" in it.

Go back and open the Genetics folder this time.

Make a new folder. I called mine "OLD .gen and .gno FILES"

Move all of the following items into your new folder:

Move the new files with the same names from the CFE folder (genpack > C3) to where the old files were. (Genetics)

Fixing the ChiChis

Find your Docking Station Application.
Open the Genetics Folder
Make a folder for your old files, just like before.

Put the following in it:

Go into your downloaded genpack folder and move the ChiChi files with the same name to the Genetics folder where you removed the old ones from.

Fixing Mall Breeds

Navigate to the Genetics folder of Docking Station or Creatures 3, depending on where you have the Mall Breeds installed.

Important: Mac OS only

The Mall Breeds are not stored in the DS application but in your user folder. Look in:

(Your Home Folder) > Library > Preferences > Creatures Labs > Docking Station OR Creatures 3 > data > Genetics

Find the following files and move them into a new folder to archive:



IMPORTANT: you only have to move and replace those breeds which you have installed! You may have fewer files to replace depending on which Mall Breeds you have.

Find the matching files in the genpack folder, and put them where the originals used to be. That's it, all done!

I had to remove some old genomes while I was in here, you can do the same if you have breeds you're not using (I had previously installed the Gizmo norns, and wanted them out.). Just make sure you take out both the Egg agents file (in My Agents) and the .gen and .gno files (in Genetics). DO NOT REMOVE THE ORIGINAL EGG AGENT FILES FOR MALL BREEDS. There is no need, they will use the updated genetics and genome files. If you remove an egg agent, that breed will no longer show up in Muco's list of available eggs.

Make sure you don't have any creatures or eggs for the Breed(s) you're removing in any of your worlds, as I can't say what will happen if you take away the files they require - it will probably make the world crash.

Installing the Updated Breeding Script

The Updated Breeding Script allows creatures of all genders to get positive interaction from each other. Only male-female pairings will have the possibility of mating, just like before, but all creatures (even different species) can now kiss and not just hit!

First, get it here:
(Direct Download Link)

If you're running Creatures 3 Standalone

Find the 001 World Folder:

Windows: C:\\Program Files\Creatures 3\Bootstrap\001 World

Macs: Macintosh HD/Applications/Creatures 3*/Contents/MacOS/data/Bootstrap/001 World

*Creatures 3 is an Application bundle, you have to Right Click and choose "Show Package Contents" to access the files inside.

For C3 Docked and Docking Station

Find the 010 Docking Station Folder

Windows: C:\\Program Files\Docking Station\Bootstrap\010 Docking Station

Macs: Macintosh HD/Applications/Docking Station*/Contents/MacOS/data/Bootstrap/ 010 Docking Station

*DS is an Application bundle, you have to Right Click and choose "Show Package Contents" to access the files inside.

For Both Versions:

Rename your old creatureBreeding.cos (C3 standalone) or DS creatureBreeding.cos (DS and C3 docked) by adding "_OLD" on the end or something. Alternatively you can stash them in a folder somewhere else on your hard drive.

Copy the new creatureBreeding.cos to 001 World folder


Copy DS creatureBreeding.cos to 010 Docking Station folder.

All new worlds will now use the updated script. What about existing worlds though?

Update an Existing World with the Breeding Script (DS & C3 Docked only)

1. Export all Creatures in the world.

2. Hatch and export (or remove) any eggs.

If you don't remove all the creatures and eggs from a world and then attempt to do the next step nothing bad will happen, but since the file will be in use neither will you be able to update it.

3. Once you have all the creatures and eggs removed, open the CAOS Command Line (CTRL + Shift + C).

4. Type the following bolded line in exactly

ject "DS creatureBreeding.cos" 7

5. Press Enter, the CAOS line should say "OK"

6. Close the CAOS line with CTRL + Shift + C again and reimport your creatures!


Do not forget the double quotes around DS creatureBreeding.cos nor the 7 at the end!

The updated breeding script isn't compatible with existing underwater egg laying scripts since they both point at the same file, you can use one or the other, but not both.

You don't need the updated breeding script to run CFE's, and it will also benefit your standard genome creatures even without CFE's installed.

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