Welcome to the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2008!
The CCSF is a month-long celebration of the 'Creatures' artificial life series and the online community that grew up around it, and it is full of goodies, from object downloads to tutorials to help you make your own objects.

This year the CCSF will run from December 25th to January 6th, but content may be submitted at any time. To see previous CCSF pages, click here.

If you would like to submit content to the CCSF, whether it be a download, tutorial, artwork, poem, interview, or anything else, you may contact Ghosthande through the link on the left. Please make sure the subject mentions the CCSF.

         Latest News:
January 6
It's the thirteenth and final day of the CCSF, and we're bringing you another metaroom: this one geared toward Grendels. This is Primordia.
I'd like to give a final thank-you to everyone who submitted content for this year's CCSF! We had a lot of good stuff here. Way to go, people!

January 5
We are now into day twelve of the CCSF, and the release of a spooky new Halloween-themed metaroom, Tulu, complete with all-new toys, treats, and a few surprises along the way.

January 4
It's day eleven of the CCSF, and at long last, here is an update for the Grendel Terrarium seed bank, by Malkin. The seed bank will now dole out 10 seeds per click, and five wasps instead of only one.

January 3
Here is the tenth day of the CCSF, and with it comes a special treat: the Puddin Pie by MK. We also have a new Aquatilis Caverna-themed wallpaper. Check out the Releases section to see them both.

January 2
This is day nine of the CCSF, and I'd like to present a treat from Liam: the CFE version of the C1toDS Banana Norns! As usual, head on over to the Releases section to download them.

January 1
Happy New Year! Today is day eight of the CCSF, and we've got a new toy--or rather two new toys--for your Creatures' enjoyment: Pyroraptor's NiGHTS dolls, a leftover from last year, all finished up and ready for playing with. You can find the dolls in the Releases section.

December 31
It's the seventh day of the CCSF, and here is a rather interesting agent by Ghosthande: it's the 4-in-1 Plant, and its development is based directly on the environment in which it grows. Check it out in the Releases section!

December 30
We're looking at the sixth day of the CCSF, and we've got a shiny new Candy Cane treat by MK. Your Creatures are sure to love it!

December 29
Here's the fifth day of the CCSF, and we're here to introduce some cute fanart by Panda-mist. I'd also like to feature the Installing Aquatilis Caverna FAQ. And if you haven't already, be sure to check out the CCSF 2008 Creatures 1 Wolfing Run by Emzie. Feel free to discuss said run in either of the forum topics at Creatures Caves or CreatureTopia.

December 28
We are now into the fourth day of the CCSF, and we have something for the agent makers out there: Ghosthande's Metamorphosing Toy Tutorial. If you've ever wanted to make a metamorphosing toy--or a metamorphosing anything, for that matter--be sure to check it out!

December 27
This is the third day of the CCSF and we're releasing a new wallpaper by Embri, featuring the Flaris Norns. You can find it in the Releases section.

December 26
Here is the second day of the CCSF, and we're releasing our first agent: a Dinosaur toy by Ghosthande. You can find it in the Releases section.

December 25
Today is the first day of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival 2008, and we're hitting things off with a special parody song by Dreamnorn: The 12 Days of Creatures Christmas!

December 11
We have an early submission to the articles section: The Lost Hand's Guide to Installing Creatures Full of Edits Genomes!